Logo Pumpkins

What better way to celebrate this fall than to have your corporate logo or family name etched onto a giant pumpkin? Nobody can turn their head from these orange giants!

Year after year we receive more requests from companies and families that want a unique pumpkin. Have your company logo, family name, or holiday message engraved into your giant pumpkin in time for the holiday season.

  • Birthday parties, your child’s name on a giant pumpkin for a special celebration.
  • Family name or holiday greeting on a giant pumpkin for your front porch or yard display.
  • Company logo on a giant pumpkin, surrounded by a festive holiday display for your office, hotel, or restaurant.

Call us or you may fax or email your information and graphic designs for your engraved pumpkin that can last up to a year!!

Contact us today to place your order:
Email: borchardfarms@aol.com
Office: (831) 449-1062
Fax: (831) 443-9581
Sales/Orders: (831) 594-3439 or (831) 594-5991